Padel coaching, scoring, stats & more

Get a full match analytics including score, stats, gameplay improvement suggestions, playtime, leveling up, tactics highlights and lowlights, and more using just your phone.

Artificial Intelligence for Padel

For amateurs and recreational players who enjoy the world’s fastest-growing sport, PadelCourt is a phone and smartwatch app that will improve your game, share your success, and have an umpire keep your score.

Unlike other padel apps, PadelCourt provides AI-based machine vision technology to deliver convenience using just your phone.



Using advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence, the PadelCourt app will automatically keep the score for you. If you disagree with the count, you can manually edit the score using the PadelCourt smartwatch companion app.


At the end of each match, PadelCourt will create a highlights and lowlights video of your gameplay and suggest improvements for you and your partner. From strategy improvements to tactical tips and tricks.


You can choose between dozens of structured padel coaching courses created by the world’s famous padel coaches and celebrities. Using machine vision, PadelCourt will guide you step by step through the courses at your pace.


Videos of all four smartphones are used to create instantly sharable videos with the best points, funniest moments, attractive plays, golden points, and more. 

Companion App

The PadelCourt smartwatch companion app will let customers share the best action while they play. As soon as an attractive action happens, players will be notified to share the clip via their preferred social media.

What do I need to start using PadelCourt?

All you need are smartphones, car phone holders and the PadelCourt app. No expensive hardware, no expensive mounts. Just mount the phones of your playing partners on each corner of the court, and you’re ready to go!

How do I keep score?

You don’t have to. PadelCourt will keep the score for you. However, if you’d like to see the score in real-time and be able to override an Artificial Intelligence line call, the PadelCourt smartwatch companion app is all you need.

On top of that, the companion app allows you to instantly upload attractive plays to your favorite social media by a single tap on the watch. The smartwatch app will alert you when a cool and interesting action happens in real-time.

How do I edit my videos?

You don’t have to. PadelCourt will automatically edit highlights videos, ready to be shared immediately after the match on your social profiles.

How does PadelCourt work?

PadelCourt uses real-time motion capture technology and artificial intelligence to keep score, suggest gameplay improvements, and create instantly sharable videos.

Oh, by the way…

We’ll also suggest when it’s time to upgrade your equipment. The machine vision and AI will keep the tab on how much you’ve been running in your shoes and when your skill level requires a racquet upgrade.

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